Gene Burshtein


Gene had his first taste of the finance industry at the tender age of sixteen, helping the firm with tax preparation assistance. More than thirty years later, his career has stood the test of time thanks to his  knowledge of the finance and real estate world’s ins and outs. His college studies in accounting at Baruch proved to be an invaluable springboard into a decades-strong involvement in accounting, mortgages, and corporate brokerage. Gene prides himself on his ability to pinpoint any given client’s core values and consistently provides them with professional agility and expertise in an ever-changing game.

The past ten years have seen Burshtein adapting his strategies to the fluctuating market. Endlessly stimulated by the exciting challenges of our aggressive and unpredictable economy, Gene strives to educate clients as to maximize profits.

Today, when he’s not applying his signature balance of critical and creative thinking in his work life, you might find Gene restoring classic renewing vintage cars, fishing, guitar playing or enjoying the fruits of his labor with his wife and kids. The gratification it brings him to excel at any given undertaking is what truly defines Gene as a key player in New York City’s Real Estate and Finance scene.