Auditing & Tax Debt

At Amberstone Consulting, our goal is to provide an efficient, systematic external audit quickly, on budget, and with the least possible disruption to your operations. Our seasoned team utilizes a personalized approach, drawing on their considerable knowledge and resources to address the distinctive requirements of the client company. What can high quality auditing do for your organization? It can enable it to assess marketplace developments, gage company performance, hearten stakeholders and boost access to capital.

Amberstone’s experienced team can help both individuals and businesses facing tax issues with the IRS or other government agencies. We help your assess your situation and decide on the steps to be taken. If you are already a client, we will already have the materials to put together a plan of action right away; if not, we will get to work immediately on acquainting ourselves with your situation.

What we do: challenge the IRS when we find them to be mistaken about what you owe; help you prepared the required documentation; deal with IRS letters, collections, penalties and settlements; decide if there are other issues or special circumstances that require attention; determine if you qualify for a first time penalty abatement or deferred payment, if appropriate, or arrange for installment payments.  

In short, acting as your representative, we strive to minimize your tax liabilities and reduce and/or eliminate your tax penalties, whenever possible.

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