Income Tax Preparation

For Individuals

For the individual taxpayer, tax law, whether federal or state, can be a tortuous labyrinth, difficult to navigate. Even using tax software programs can lead to serious mistakes, resulting in missed opportunities for claiming deductions, credits and exemptions, not to mention the possibility of incurring penalties, interest charges and audits. The seasoned tax preparers and tax consultants at Amberstone Consulting have a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of the tax code, enabling you to obtain the best possible outcome: minimized liabilities, maximum refunds.  

For Businesses

Amberstone’s experienced professionals, with their unique grasp of efficient, short- and long-term tax strategies, are equipped to prepare returns for business entities of all types: sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLC’s, S and C corporations, helping them to lower costs and boost their bottom line. A company operating in multiple jurisdictions, whether here or in a foreign country, will in all likelihood find punctual reporting to federal, state and local agencies to be a challenge. Whatever your business’s structure, stage of growth, or tax strategy, you can count on Amberstone Consulting to provide accurate tax returns – on schedule.

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